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Identity access that's as simple as clicking on a file. A solution that's so flexible it can store almost anything about your identity, sourced from almost anywhere.

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"We" are defined by our collective identity; that identity begins with who we are as individuals. DCPNet redefines what it means to understand ourselves within the digital realm. Our power awakens when we know ourselves through the understanding of others.

How We Help

We provide solutions that allow a single encoded file to act as a hub for individuals to store information about themselves, makes connecting with the outside world easier. Collecting the information in this way saves people time and hassle, and empowers them with full control of their information, wherever they go.

We also make it easier for organisations to access personal information they need to ensure the smooth flow of their services. We do this while making it much simpler to comply with data protection laws.

Fast and secure access to relevant information means everyone involved can spend less time explaining complex processes, and more time doing the things that matter to them.

Identity Solutions


The IDID is a file-based identity solution, which appends identity related data and metadata to an arbitrary image file (usually the likeness of a person, or a company logo). When paired with other systems this allows a single portal to all an individual's information, making the complex and error-prone process of 'rehydrating' multiple individual and organisational views on a person or group far easier.


IDNS enables seemless identity networking based on metadata stored within the IDID. This allows individuals and organisations to share data with an individual, and enables the propogation of this data across servers and networks.



As well as our own proprietary technologies, DCPNet also work with traditional identity solutions such as SQL and no-SQL databases, REST and SOAP APIs, and authorisation systems based on standards such as OAuth. We are also fully AWS Solutions Architect certified so cloud solutions pose no problem to implement.


Perhaps you are looking to make the move to a full, individualised identity system but don't think you're yet ready as an organisation. We have the experience and knowledge to integrate IDID and IDNS with pretty much any existing standard system, and a lot that's non-standard too.


Private Sector

Virgin Red, Siemens, CivTech, Experian

Public Sector

Ministry of Justice, Scottish Government, Transport for London

About Us

Peter Carter

Peter Carter

Peter is a software engineer and consultant with over 10 years industry experience. He has worked with dozens of different companies and organisations, including household names such as Siemens, Virgin Red and the Ministry of Justice.

Teodora Carter

Teodora Carter

Teodora has been building and collaborating with online brands since 2014. She also designs, animates and deeply touches the soul of everyone she works with.

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